Featured Herbs for Kidneys for those concerned with MAXIMUM Kidney Health*

Kidney Health Kits

Doctor Recommended Kidney Herbs to Support the Body for Healthy Kidneys according to Eastern Medicine.*

Kidney Health Kits Herbs for Kidneys

Looking for Herbs to Support Healthy Kidneys?

Get Well Natural is happy to introduce you to our exclusive line of herbal dietary supplement kidney health support kits.*

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These kits contain herbal kidney formulas with potent kidney herbs designed by Eastern Medicine practitioners to support kidney health.*

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Each of the kits combine doctor recommended herbal combinations that have been developed to be effective at supporting healthy kidney function. These dietary kidney supplements can be an important part of any kidney diet health program. Only the best kidney herbs are included in each formula.*

Doctor Recommended Herbs for Healthy Kidney Function
and Support for: *

  • Healthy Creatinine Levels & Urinary Protein Levels *
  • Normal Kidney Function (renal function) *
  • Healthy Kidney Filtration *
  • Normal Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) *


"My Creatinine Levels are healthier than my last visit to my doctor! Thanks to the staff of Get Well Natural for producing Kidney Well II and the Alisma herbal extract. The previous time I had seen my doctor was a total different story. My doctor had told me that while my creatinine levels were in the normal range, I was on the border of having poor kidney function. My doctor had totally scared the "you know what" out of me about where my kidneys were headed (possibly kidney failure and then dialysis) if my creatinine levels worsened. Fortunately for me, I already knew about Get Well Natural since I had taken some of their other products in the past. After my previous doctor visit, I began taking Kidney Well II and Alisma for a couple of months as well as worked on my diet by trying to eat healthier food. I am really impressed at how effective their natural products are at supporting my healthy functions in my body. I will continue to tell everyone I run into that could benefit from what your company has to offer.* Thanks again for producing these wonderful products, - - David C., Gilroy, Ca "

To the Staff at Get Well: Today, when I went in for the review of my kidney tests, my doctor let me know that I am doing fantastic and whatever protocol I am following to just keep doing it. Well I've been on Kidney Well 2 and Alisma and I really enjoy these products. Now he just wants me to lose weight.* - - S.K., VA

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Herb for Kidney Health

Herb for Kidney Health Support*

Herb for Kidney Health? If Chinese medicine were to choose only one, it just might be Alisma. But the Doctors and Herbalists who developed the kidney herbal formula in Kidney Well II believe there is more than one. Like all Eastern Medicine philosophy, they believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and restore balance. They believe being sick is really a body imbalance. This includes kidney health and kidney disorder. In this philosophy the answer to the question “how do you cure kidney disease” is “help your body heal itself!” So the ultimate herb for kidney health is probably not one but a formula practitioners believe.*

Get Well Natural Herb for Kidney Health Formulas*

In addition to Alisma which is a single herbal product, not common among Get Well Natural products, Kidney Well II was developed by these Doctors & Herbalists over many decades. These kidney herbs were used in the private practices both here and abroad culminating in the now legendary Kidney Well II. They also developed a premium Alisma product and another kidney health support formula called Phyto-Antioxidant. These three products are combined for the ultimate in kidney health support they believed. They are all three in the Kidney Health Kit 1. Check out the kidney health category over at the Get Well Natural web site.*

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